Our culture is built around our staff positively impacting lives, including their own.  We do this through challenging work, constant learning opportunities and encouraging our employees to become involved with the community outside of work; with sports, family events and volunteering.

Moore Construction Services approaches everything we do, from how we treat people, to how we handle situations, as a way to positively impact lives.

This approach has a positive impact on designers and subcontractors, which influences the quality of the projects, and ultimately leads to a satisfied customer. Having our staff return home each night safely to their families is important to us. The guiding principle of positively impacting lives is threaded through every aspect of our business.

Positively Impacting Lives

Employee Testimonials

“It is refreshing to work for a company that holds to the same values that I was brought up believing in. Where common sense trumps dollars and cents and doing the right thing is a natural part of our culture.”

Moore Construction Services Employee

“I like the fact the team is open to innovating and listening to my ideas for solving unanticipated Issues. The team works together to make solutions happen.”

Moore Construction Services Employee

“Moore Construction Services is a great place to work because everyone respects each other. This makes a pleasant work environment and results in a great outcome on every project.”

Moore Construction Services Employee

“I truly enjoy all of the people I work with, there is never a time when you cannot learn from a situation. All the guys are seasoned so there are no expectations or surprises, only collaboration in solving issues to achieve perfection. Surprises happen, it’s the nature of the industry. The team has an attitude to adapt and be ready to adjust to ever-changing circumstances on projects.”

Moore Construction Services Employee

“I really enjoy working at Moore Construction Services, because of the close knit group we are from owner on down. It has a real feeling of family and a true caring of each other. I also like how the company was put together with a emphasis on experience. A great collaboration of many years in the construction industry.”

Moore Construction Services Employee

“Customers aren’t just part of the ‘team’ they become members of the ‘family.’”

Moore Construction Services Employee

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