Project Management Intern

Chris Dockery

  1. On working with you – Throughout my life, I’ve realized that there is only one way to truly understand someone: by having a conversation with them. I love meeting new people and working with like-minded individuals to accomplish the impossible. If I see you in the office or even on a construction site, know that you’ll be greeted with a smile and very meaningful conversation. I feel the best when I’m exchanging words with others; the world is full of unique people with incredible ideas, strong goals, and who have some amazing things to say!
  2. On your favorite class – One of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken is construction methods and materials at MSOE. This course was able to teach me a lot about the different methods used for creating a productive construction site, while touching on many aspects of the materials found within them. I enjoyed how this classed forced me to get my hands dirty- building steel beam structures, making concrete on a sidewalk, framing a shed, mixing mortar, building a strong masonry wall, tightening anchor bolts, and much more.
  3. On your own time – I’m very passionate about taking the time to find solidity in nature; our world is full of beautiful landscapes and skies. I love getting out the house and exploring the opportunities that are right outside my door. I would love to hike anywhere with a beautiful view and a huge waterfall! In addition to the charming creations within nature, I also love playing the piano in my spare time and spending time with friends.
  4. On working in Construction – Moore Construction Services has shown me that by valuing customers’ needs and going the extra mile, you’ll always leave a long-lasting imprint. Construction is a collaborative industry filled with many trades and creative minds. Moore Construction Services’ focus of positively impacting lives through commitment, reliability, and results, is what being a family-owned business is all about in today’s every-changing world. Working with this company has given me hope for what the future of modern-day construction holds, and the relationships that are made after the finished project.


“I would like to thank the Moore Construction Services’ team. I know that I am biased, but I believe we have assembled an exceptional team of construction professionals that are passionate about construction and delivering results to our customers.”

Mike Moore, President, Moore Construction Services

“Glenroy has worked with Moore Construction Services for many years on various projects. Some of them have been more challenging than others, but in every case the projects turn out great. They were very knowledgeable and even our change orders seemed reasonably effortless for them. They aim to please and it comes through in what they do.”

Richard Buss, Former President & CEO, Glenroy, Inc.

“We view Moore Construction Services as a valued partner. Every member of their team is professional and great to work with. They provide honest, expert advice and deliver quality results. The Moore team is excellent at bringing together competing perspectives and building consensus.”

Donna M. Bembenek, President, Catholic Memorial High School

“The staff at Moore Construction Services was very friendly and considerate of our building requirements and addressed our concerns promptly and efficiently. From design through close-out, the Moore Construction Services staff listened to our needs and addressed our concerns in a highly professional manner. This helped make our building experience a very enjoyable one. We would highly recommend using Moore Construction Services for your building needs.”

Jim Hart, Utility Manager, The City of New Berlin

“As 2021 comes to an end, I wanted to thank you and your team for delivering two great projects for Copart. Your team was outstanding. from the bidding process, to the contract execution, to the billing, the communication of the Superintendents, and the rest of the team during both builds. So, please tell everyone thank you from Copart and myself. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022 to you, your family, and the Moore Construction Services family.”

Dan Privette, Property Manager, Valfair Construction

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