Wauwatosa School District | Wauwatosa WI


Moore Construction Services, LLC was hired as the Construction Manager for various projects throughout the Wauwatosa School District totalling over $3 million. All of the work was completed during the summer of 2016. Below is a list of the projects completed: WAUWATOSA EAST HIGH SCHOOL: Family Consumer Education Room, Restrooms, Woodwork/Shop Room, Mechanical Room, 10 Math Classrooms WHITMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL: 8 Math Classrooms, Library Bookstore, Wauwatosa West High School, Family Consumer Education Room, Chiller Replacement, 9 Math Classrooms LONGFELLOW MIDDLE SCHOOL: Corridor Upgrades, Locker Replacements, Woodwork/Shop Classroom, 8 Math Classrooms JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY: Library, Cafeteria MADISON ELEMENTARY: Library UNDERWOOD ELEMENTARY: Library

I have had experiences with a few different individuals at Moore and I have had great communication with all of them. They are easily accessible via e-mail and phone. There were a few times when I needed to meet the same day and they made arrangements to meet and be out to look at items. They have always gotten back to me within an hour and I have never felt pushed to the side for other projects they may have. They are calm and collective. I have created changes that impacted the project greatly and/or changed the scope more than 50% and they were more than accommodating and willing to work with us on making the changes happen. They were willing to accommodate special hours if and when needed. The subcontractors that are used regularly are great and I would continue to encourage them to use them. They did live up to their values of Commitment, Reliability and Results.

Melissa Nettesheim, Manager of Building and Grounds